James Lee in, with the warning that h▓e would come per

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o law books here, wh▓ere he threw himself down to smoke at his ease,● but novels, French and English, ▓at least equalling the pictures in audacity.Ev●idently Fullerton had not had▓ the tastes or tendencies of a Galahad.He ▓could hardly have received his

client●s in this telltale room.Yet the open law boo●ks on the table indicated that he d▓id occasionally do some studying here.▓Lyon was struck with the title of the first● book he saw, and still more ●so when he found that of the half dozen l▓ying open or with markers in them o●n the table, all dealt with ▓the same subject,--divorce.▓The reason seemed clear when he picked ▓up the file of legal papers on the ta

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● woven into the delicate embroidery. ● Well, what do you make of it▓ The amused voice from th▓e bedroom door made Lyon star▓t, for he had supposed himself entirely alone.▓He spun about and faced a quiet ●little man, who was regarding hi?/p>

坢 with a rather satiric interest. Hell●o! he said.I didn't know you w▓ere there. You were not su▓pposed to, the other man retorted.You▓ are not suppo

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sed to be here y▓ourself, you know.Are you trying your hand at a▓mateur detective work I'm looking for ma●terial for a lively story, s●aid Lyon, with his most ingenuous air.He ●had at once recognized Bede, ▓a detective connected with th▓e p

olice force.Of course he had kn▓own that the police would be working on the ca●se, but the actual presence of ▓this shrewd-eyed, silent detective● gave him a feeling akin to

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pani▓c.Could Bede read his thoug▓hts and tear from him the secret he was most ●anxious to guard,--Miss Wolcot▓t's connection with the affair It wa●s absurd to think so, and yet the idea made ●him absurdly nervous.He thrust the thou▓ght down to

the bottom of his mind and f▓aced Bede with a blank aspect.● Help me out, can't you Give me some interest●ing bits to work up for the publi●c.What have you d

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iscovered ●so far Bede laughed soft▓ly.For the public He came over to t●he table and picked up the handkerchief which● Lyon had thrown down.You w▓ere interested in this, I noticed.Have you any ●idea who G.B.is I am a stranger i▓n Waynscott, said Lyon casually.Besides, my▓ circle of

acquaintances would hardly coincide ●with Mr.Fullerton's, I fancy. ▓ Oh, Fullerton had more than one circle ●of acquaintances.He was engaged to be● married a f

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ew years ago to a young lady belong●ing to one of the most eminently respectable fa▓milies of Hemlock Avenue.Ah, you ●knew that, I see, though you are a▓ stranger in Waynsc

ott. I think I have● heard it mentioned, said Lyon▓ carelessly, though his heart ▓shook to think he had unconsciously betr●ayed so much.One hears all sorts of

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rumors● about the man. For instance-▓- Bede asked politely. Oh, nothing that w▓ould be news to you.By the ●way, what theory have you to offer in regard t▓o his coat being on

wrong side out▓ What do you make of it yourself▓ Nothing.I'm entirely at sea. Bede smi▓led a little and dropped his guarded a●ir.Well, he didn't turn it

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after he▓ was hit, that's evident.Death was practi●cally instantaneous.And the girl didn't ●turn it,-- The girl The ▓woman you saw running across the ▓str

eet. Oh! Bede did not● smile at the startled monosyllabl●e.He only took quiet note of it, ▓and went on without a break, ● --because a woman wouldn't t●ou

t alone, Lyon looked about him with a great▓ deal of

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ch a man who had been struck dead at▓ her feet in the street.She wo▓uld simply run away at once.● Lyon nodded attentively. And the man ●wouldn't have had time to do it after the gir●l ran away, because you were● so near that you would have seen ●him if he had lingered in the neighbo●

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rhood.He must have disappeared almost imm●ediately. Not very gallant of him to run ▓off in an opposite direction and let the g▓irl shift for herself. Oh, I don't ▓know.The girl had to get out

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o▓f the way, and alone, as soon as poss●ible.Besides, the man may not have run off ▓in an opposite direction.He

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may simply have j▓umped off into that low, vacant ▓lot until the gathering of a crowd gave him ●a chance to get away without b▓eing conspicuous.He was watchin●g Lyon closely, but that young ▓man's surprise was too genuine t●o be mistaken.Therefore, to return to the qu▓estion of the coat, he continued, it is ▓pretty clear that he must have turned it himsel▓f. But why As a disg▓uise.To escape being recognized by a young wo▓man who had seen him in a black coat a ▓very short time before.It is possib▓le that he trusted too much to the disguise a●nd so came too near, and so provoked the quarrel● which ended so fatally.Even a mild-tempered m▓an doesn't like to be spied upon when he is, ▓we may assume, making love on his own account.● It seems to me you are assuming th▓at Lawrence killed him, and then building up a ▓scene to fit that theory, said Lyon hotly. ▓What makes you think I am assuming it was Lawr●ence--Because I suggested he was makin▓g love on his own account ● Lyon felt that he had been trapped.Well,● aren't you assuming it to be L▓awrence he asked bluntly. But Bede wa▓s never blunt. At any rate●, we must assume that it was a man who struck t●he blow. Why must we A woman doesn't● kill in the open, even where she hates.Sh▓e has the cat nature.She strikes from ambu▓sh, unless attacked.And she doesn't carry● a man's cane, even for purposes of defense,▓ much less for purposes of offens●e. There's one point about th▓at cane business that I wonder whe●ther you noticed, said Lyon, thoughtful▓ly.Lawrence swore that he had it in the S●tate Law Library a few days ago, b▓ecause he remembered poking a book down fro●m a high shelf with it,--which is as c▓haracteristic of Lawrence as it▓ must have been bad for the book.But h●e couldn't swear that he took it away with ●him, because he got into a d●ispute with Fullerton and he doesn't re●member what he did.Now, isn't it possible, and▓ even probable, that being exc●ite

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d by that discussion he walk●ed off without his cane, and that ●Fullerton, seeing he

-case at the head ▓of the couch.N
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